Friday, December 7, 2012

The Green Can

Hello, my name is Dennis Gallagher and I would like to tell you about what i am trying to accomplish in Tampa Florida.
I have a new program to try and fix the irrational problem of recycling not being mandatory.
Since Apartment/ Condos and businesses have a hard time justifying the optional expense of a recycling program, we bring it to them free, and we donate all of the proceeds to charity.
The only thing we could find to finance this endeavor is advertising on the outside of the recycling containers, so we try to help local small businesses get their message out to the local residents.
We designed a container to specifically to facilitate this program, it is made of recycled plastic and uses a reusable liner so no waste is created in its use.
We started our program in march and we have recycled over 200,000 aluminum cans and numerous tons of plastic.
We are hoping that we can expand our program to any and all areas that recycling isn't currently mandatory.
Getting the word out is of the utmost importance to us, we really are trying to do the right thing for society by providing free recycling, helping small businesses and giving to charity.
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